Brand New Burgundy Hair Colors for 2017

The burgundy hair color trend has just started its hottest triumph and we are happy it’s becoming more and more popular. This is the deepest vine inspired hair color idea that works well both with pale and dark complexions. If you are fond of dark red shades then you are going to fall in love with these luxurious hairstyles in burgundy hair colors for 2017.  The fact is that burgundy hair color perfectly works with all skin tones, haircuts hair textures and types. Find your next inspiration.Brand New Burgundy Hair Colors for 2017Burgundy Hair Color for Natural Hair

The vine hair color is not only for fall’s biggest trend but it’s also this year’s most vivacious hair color trend. It’s becoming more and more popular among Afro-American women who have naturally frizzy, curly or messy hair. Their voluminous locks become richer and more attractive thanks to this deep red shade. It takes away any dull effect from their brunette shade and makes it so lavishing and bright. Anyone with such hair type can experiment with a bright burgundy shade to look more stylish and seductive.

2017 Two-Toned Split Hair Colors

Although the two-toned split hair color trend is not new in the fashion industry but it is loved by many stylish girls. Here I represent the most requested two-toned split hair colors for 2017. These are the most awesome combinations of the fascinating split style. You will love the way it’s reflected on long and thick hair.two-toned split hair colors 2017Black and Red Split Hair Color

Black and red always create the hottest combo when it comes to outfits, accessories and even hair colors. We have seen so many black shades combined with red highlights but this is something totally different. It’s the eye-grabbing half-and-half black and red hair color idea that looks impressive with light complexions.

Unique Hair Color Trends to Copy in 2017

Researches show that women get tired of the same lifestyle and trends quite soon and then they start looking for something more interesting and inspiring. If you feel as if you are tired of everything around you and in your lifestyle then you must start changing up your look. What about a new hair color in 2017? I am here to inspire you with these unique hair color ideas. Let’s start!Unique Hair Color Trends to Copy in 2017Multi-Tone Pastel Hair Color

Pastel hair colors are not out of the style. They have just taken the next step with modern effects and touches. Today we see multi-tone pastel hair colors instead of monotone lavender, sky blue, mint green or pink shades. Stylists mix silver shades with pastel and combine them with dark roots for a more impressive style. Women with short haircuts choose this trick to soften their hairstyle. Here is the created gorgeous look.

New Black Hair Color Ideas 2017

If you think that black hair doesn’t require regular touch ups and trendy effects then you haven’t seen this string of black hair colors for 2017. They are going to leave you speechless as you could never ever imagine that black shade could be so beautiful, attractive and feminine. These women prove that black is the best hair color for powerful individuals and those born with naturally black hair are actually lucky as they grab much attention with their mysterious beauty.New Black Hair Color Ideas 2017Soft Black Hair Color

Kim Kardashian has always been one of the most impressive and attractive brunettes in the world. Her hairstyles and hair colors are usually in the brunette side but she likes to experiment with light blonde hues too. This is one of her hottest black shades. It’s a soft black hue compared to other dark hair colors and looks very fresh thanks to her super straight hairstyle.

Holographic Hair Color Trend for 2017

When we think that we have tried all the possible hair color ideas in the fashion world there comes something new, more creative and fashionable. Meet the holographic hair color trend for 2017. It’s here to amuse you with its stunning effect and incredible awesomeness. If you are ready for a brand new rainbow inspired hair color idea then keep on reading to discover this new style.HOLOGRAPHIC hair colors 2017What is Holographic Hair Color?

According to the majority of professional hairstylists and colorists, the holographic hair color trend is achieved with a unique and interesting technique called hand-pressed coloring. This actually uses the methods behind screen printing and reflects them to your strands. Stylists paint different patterns on a sheet of Plexiglas with hair dye and then put a section of hair onto the glass, placing the dye to your strands. The stylist repeats this process using pastel pink, lavender and blue shades.

2017 Light Red Hair Color Inspiration

Light hair colors are mainly between blondish and strawberry shades but we can also find red hair colors with light hues and effects for those who have pale or medium complexion and want to look like real redheads with the right chosen ginger tone. Check out this list of light red hair colors for 2017 and decide whether you have the matching skin tone for one of these shades or not and then go ahead with the most suitable hair color.light red highlightsRed Ombre Hair Color

The pure red ombre hair colors are combinations of dark and light reds which are beautifully placed all over the hair. The roots are generally in dark tones of red while the tips are dyed in light ginger red shades. In case you want a reverse ombre hair color you should keep the tips dark and lighten up only the roots. Actually, the process of dying depends on your natural hair color.

Hygge Hair Color Trend to Try in 2017

Would you like to try a brand new hair color trend? Meet the season’s boom and newest hair color called Hygge. It’s one of the most creative and interesting shades that looks so natural and subtle. Let’s find out what is the Hygge hair color trend for 2017 and then decide whether we need this shade to beautify our hair or not. Actually the statistics show that every woman who has experimented with it has fallen in love with its softness.Hygge hair colorWhat is Hygge Hair Color?

Thus, lately the Danish art of hygge (pronounced hue-gah) has become the main sourse of inspiration for the majority of hairstylists and hair colorists. It is originally created by the Scandinavians as a great way to survive their long, dark winters and the hygge is actually all about harnessing the energy of things like candles, and the power of warm drinks, soft furnishings in order to help make life a little bit easier and comfortable! While this seems to have nothing in common with fashion and hair colors, there are still creative minds that use every possible inspiration to amuse us with trendier and fancier things.

Awesome Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2017

We often refresh our list of hair colors for the coming seasons. This time we are here with 5 awesome hair colors 2017 to inspire you. They are the latest trends that will soon become the trendiest in salons. In case you are tired of the same dull shade you can spice it up with the most flattering tone of brown, blonde or red making your choice between these tones. They are all fresh and fancy ready to highlight your incredible taste and fantastic skin.2017e Hair ColorReddish Hair Color Trend

I would like to start with the hottest hair color trend for 2017. It’s the string of reddish shades with the most natural-looking solutions. 2017 is the year of copper, mahogany, ginger and reddish brown hair colors. If you want to dye your hair in a stunning red tone then let it be one of these tones. Don’t forget to match it with your skin tone and eyes. The lighter your skin the warmer should be your red hue and darker it is the darker should be your hair to provide you with a natural effect.

2017 Brunette Hair Color Trends for All Skin Tones

While blonde shades require special skin tones brunette hair colors go well with most complexions. All you need is the right tone of brunette according to your skin tone. Here are the best brunette hair colors for all skin tones 2017. This time we’ll focus on the most astonishing shades of brown to inspire you.brunette hair colors 2017Brunette Hair Color for Fair Skin

Dark brunette hair colors create cool contrasts with fair skin tones and light undertones. If you are looking for a matching shade of brown to bring out your light skin then there is the sophisticated chocolate brown to take into account. Brunette hair colors look awesome with flawless light skin. This is the best state to experiment with warm brown hues in their darkest tones. You can even opt for warm chestnut brown shades if you want to warm up your fair complexion.

Celebrities with Warmest Honey Blonde Hair Colors 2017

Honey blonde is such a shiny and popular hair color that many women opt for it having either light or dark skin tone. If you don’t know which tone of honey blonde goes well with your complexion then have a look at this string of celebrity honey blonde hair colors for 2017.  They will give you the idea of rocking the most delightful sun-kissed hue over your light or dark base hue.Celebrities with Warmest Honey Blonde Hair Colors 2017Julia Roberts Honey Blonde Hair Color

Julia Roberts likes warm hair colors and she often goes for the most sparkling shades of blonde. Her honey blonde choice is a multidimensional mix with brown and other blonde hues, which create richer and fresher shade on her hair. She is incredibly charming with those dark roots that compliment her brown eyes and in this medium wavy haircut that frames her lovely face.