Sweet Honey Blonde Hair Colors

Platinum is certainly the biggest blonde hair color trend for the moment but it’s not the only shade that you can consider in 2017. There is the sweet honey blonde hair color with its light and dark tones for different complexions. If you have decides to switch up your hair color with a glossy blonde hue, then check out these honey blonde hair colors. Luckily honey blonde compliments almost all skin tones from light to dark and looks nice on many hairstyles.honey-blonde-hair-colors-2017Strawberry-Honey Blonde Hair Color

As strawberry blonde is close to honey blonde hair color, they ideally go with each other and create a shinier shade. A rich strawberry-hone blonde hair color can lighten up your blonde shade and make it glossy. This shade is stunning especially with fair complexions and light eyes. Dark eyes will create a hot contrast keeping your style sweet and soft. Women with dark hair will hardly achieve this shade, while natural blondes are welcome to try it as their next blonde tone.strawberry-honey-blonde-hair-color-2017Dark Honey Blonde Hair Color

This shade is perfect for women with darker complexions and hair colors. Its warmth and sophisticated tonal mix tends to soften your dark complexion and makes your eyes pop out. Of course it’s easier to maintain than for example platinum blonde achieved on naturally dark hair. To keep your dark honey blonde hair fresh and sparkling you should be sure to use hair color protective products and often go for touch ups.dark-honey-blonde-hair-color-2017Light Honey Blonde Hair Color

Light to medium skinned women generally choose the light honey blonde hair color to refresh their blonde locks. It’s a great hair color to brighten your entire look and add a nice contrast with warm undertones. This shade helps you to avoid washed out looks and looks beautiful in many hairstyles. Take examples from fair to medium skinned celebrities who pull off light honey blonde hair.light-honey-blonde-hair-color-2017Honey Blonde Highlights

Here is another posh look with mostly multi-dimensional honey blonde highlights all over the hair. A few light and dark tones mixed together can provide you with a rich shade. This is a hot variation of blonde hair color. it compliments light to medium skin tones and brightens up any hair color and face.Light Brown Hair With Honey Blonde Highlights Light Brown Hair With Honey Blonde Highlights Google SearchHoney Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Honey blonde ombre is fabulous on dark hair. You can get a fantastic shine on your dark mane with the help of glossy honey blonde ombre highlights. They can be placed on the bags and from the mid part of the hair to the tips keeping the roots darker. Although the result is contrasting but it’s well balanced and works with most skin tones.honey-blonde-ombre-hair-color-2017