Lovely Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

Not too dark, nor too light is the sophisticated light brown hair color with its subtle tones. Here are the best light brown hair colors and hairstyles to inspire you for your next salon visit. Depending on your skin tone and eye hue, you can choose either a cool or a warm tone of light brown to create a natural look. This gorgeous tint is able to bring out all your softness and tenderness.light-brown-hair-colors-2017Light Golden Brown Hair Color

Light base brown hair colors become sparkling, healthy and shinier with golden tints. If you seek for an extra-rich hair color for your current brown shade, you’d better opt for the golden brown hair color. Medium to light skin tones flatter this hair color. If you have naturally medium brown hue, you will easily pull off the golden effect. After coloring, avoid too much use of hair irons and heating tools. Protect your golden mane with the right shampoo and conditioner.light-golden-brown-hair-color-2017Light Caramel Brown Hair Color

Sweet and bright hues like caramel brown are created for girls who want to blend their natural shade with a warmer hint. Light caramel brown hair colors and highlights are the best for medium to tanned skin tones. Consult with your colorist to pick the right products and hairstyles for your delicious brown hair color.light-caramel-brown-hair-color-2017Light Bronze Brown Hair Color

If you love glossy and metallic hair colors but copper or rose gold don’t go well with your complexion we have something else to offer you. it’s the light bronze brown hair color. It works with medium, tanned and olive skin tones and makes your hair extra-shiny. You can use light bronze brown to darken or warm up your light hair. It is a cool shade for brunettes who seek for a lighter tone.light-bronze-brown-hair-color-2017Light Chestnut Brown Hair Color

As there are light and dark tones of chestnut brown you get the chance to find yours. Lighten up your dark brown hair with light and natural looking chestnut brown hue. This shade goes well with most complexions and eye hues. It is easily achieved on base medium brown hair colors. It provides with an illusion of overall lightness.light-chestnut-brown-hair-color-2017Ash Brown Ombre Hair Color

Dark ash brown roots and lighter tips are all you need to get a rich, multi-dimensional and trendy brown hair color. This combination suits light and medium skin tones. Compared with many brown hues ash brown is cooler and lighter. It becomes more luxurious with the ombre technique.ash-brown-ombre-hair-color-2017