Softest Blonde Hair Colors for 2017

Blonde hair colors for 2017 come up with a string of natural tints, which provide us with the desired baby blonde shade and make hair look very soft. From the subtlest blonde hair colors to the most eye-catching whitish blondes here are blonde hair color trends for all complexions, base tones and tastes. If you have decided to refresh your blonde shade or become a forever blonde, consider these ravishing options.

Celebrities with Warmest Honey Blonde Hair Colors 2017

Honey blonde is such a shiny and popular hair color that many women opt for it having either light or dark skin tone. If you don’t know which tone of honey blonde goes well with your complexion then have a look at this string of celebrity honey blonde hair colors for 2017.  They will give you the idea of rocking the most delightful sun-kissed hue over your light or dark base hue.Celebrities with Warmest Honey Blonde Hair Colors 2017Julia Roberts Honey Blonde Hair Color

Julia Roberts likes warm hair colors and she often goes for the most sparkling shades of blonde. Her honey blonde choice is a multidimensional mix with brown and other blonde hues, which create richer and fresher shade on her hair. She is incredibly charming with those dark roots that compliment her brown eyes and in this medium wavy haircut that frames her lovely face.

Blonde Hair Color Inspiration

Looking for the ultimate blond hair color trend? Keep on reading and you’ll meet your dreamt blonde shade between these stunning looks. The newest blonde hair colors are waiting for your choice. Instead of a monotone hair color idea you can try a multi-tone or ombre style. Women with natural blonde hair may opt for fancier shades to update their natural shade.Blonde Hair Color InspirationScarlett Johansson Mini Blonde Ombre Hair Color

The mini ombre is the newest ombre hair color trend that you’ll meet among short-haired women. Scarlett Johansson is not the only celebrity who has tried a mini blonde ombre shade for her short haircut but her latest hairstyles is one of the most inspiring versions to consider in 2017. While many love her long golden blonde waves, others copy her best pixie hairstyles with dark roots and light blonde tips.

Warm Blonde Hair Colors 2017

We mainly meet light and neutral blonde shades but there are also warm blonde hair colors for 2017. Women with fair skin tones usually look for shades that can warm up their complexion and make them more sophisticated. If you are one of them then check out these warm tones of blonde and instead of changing your base hue in a hot brown or fiery red shade, just enhance your natural blonde.Warm Blonde Hair Colors 2017Warm Golden Blonde Hair Color

Golden blonde is an eternal hair color with the glossy sun-kissed touch in it. It’s beautifully worn on light blonde hair and goes well with light to medium skin tones and light eyes. Lately stylists beautify golden blonde shades with gold leaf and slicked back hair trends. They provide with a festive look and emphasize the golden tint.

2017 Subtle Shades of Blonde

It’s not a secret that hair color palette is full of many blonde hair colors, but we often separate bold tones from subtlest ones. Today you’ll find your dreamt subtle blonde hair color for 2017 from below represented tones. Open your eyes wider and find your next inspiration. These 5 hues are the most exquisite of all. Try to pick the right tint.blonde-hair-colors-2017Baby Blonde Hair Color

You have certainly seen a natural blonde-haired baby. Whether it’s a boy or girl he/she surely looks cute, subtle and stunning in this shade. It’s the most beautiful blonde hair color in the world. Many women do their best to get it on their locks as a natural shade. The softness and tenderness of baby blonde can’t be compared with anything else. It’s softer than any other hair color.

2017 Warm Highlights for Blonde Hair

Blonde has always given us the best canvas for multi-tone hair highlights. There are times when traditional versions of hair highlights are not enough for our complete unique look. Hair highlighting has not been as exciting as today. We see creative and innovative combinations of shades with our natural hair colors. Welcome warm highlights for blonde hair for 2017. Let’s warm up our light locks with fresh tones.warm-highlights-for-blonde-hairPink Highlights for Blonde Hair

The best futuristic hair highlights for blonde locks are pink shades. They are warm and eye-catching and therefore make you stand out in the crowd. Even the shortest haircut becomes fabulous with pink highlights. They can be placed on the front strands or bangs to draw attention. Women with layered or asymmetrical haircuts may experiment with fancier pink highlights.

2017 Creative Blonde Hair Colors

No one may deny the fact that blonde is a fun and feminine hair color. If you have blonde hair then you are already charming and subtle. The latest blonde hair colors for 2017 differ from the rest of styles that you know. These are much more interesting and creative, so they are worth trying. Probably below represented models and celebrities are having more fun than you. Would you like to look like one of them? Have a look at these pictures.blonde-hair-colors-2017Blonde Hair Color for Black Women

Usually black women avoid light blonde hair colors as they think that blonde won’t look pretty with their dark complexion. However, there is always a cool solution when you keep up with the trends. In this case black women seeking for blonde hair can keep some part of their hair in a dark tone for a mutual balance. If you have gone for a pixie cut and it seems harsh for you, then you need to soften it with a light hair color. So, choose this combination.

Winter 2017: White Blonde Hair Color

Thinking of a flattering hair color idea for winter? Here is all you need to know about the trendiest hair color for the coming cold season. It’s the white blonde hair color for winter 2017. They say that a woman who is about changing her hair color is about to change her lifestyle. So, there is a kind of truth in this as your new hair color can speak a lot about your style, interests and preferences. white-blonde-hair-colors-2017It will change up your look and take your hairstyle to the next level. This winter white blonde seems to be cooler than ever. It’s for women who look for something lighter and brighter that can make their hair soft, subtle and sophisticated. Take examples from Kristen Stewart and model Coco Rocha who have gone for white blonde and became so inspiring with their new styles.

Subtle Ash Blonde Hair Color

It’s no wonder that the subtle ash blonde hair color is all the rage. It’s a neutral shade of blonde that compliments both light and dark skin tones and goes well with many popular hairstyles. It’s something between platinum blonde and grey undertones or highlights which create a rich shine-free shade. Women with natural blonde hair colors have the chance to embrace their hue with ash blonde tints and get a tenderer effect.ash-blonde-hair-colors-2017 Celebrities like Juliane Hough, Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora and many others have already experimented with light and dark tones of ash blonde. They look fancy and gorgeous in this stunning hair color.

Light Hair Color Ideas for Blondes

If you think that any hair color works well with blondes then check out our list of light hair colors for blondes and leave alone the stereotypes that hair color possibilities are endless for blondes. There are cool shades that flatter pale complexions and highlight blonde locks. Keep up with the recent trends and update your blonde hair with nicer shades.light-hair-colors-for-blondes-2017Sandy Blonde Hair Color

The balance between matte and golden shades on sandy blonde hair colors add depth and a natural touch to any blonde hair color. This is the most accepted hair color for blonde-haired women of all age groups. It is neutral and tends to warm up pale complexions and bring out light eyes. You can ask your stylist for less golden hues for summer and much glossy effect for winter as skin becomes paler in winter. Update the color every four weeks.

Sweet Honey Blonde Hair Colors

Platinum is certainly the biggest blonde hair color trend for the moment but it’s not the only shade that you can consider in 2017. There is the sweet honey blonde hair color with its light and dark tones for different complexions. If you have decides to switch up your hair color with a glossy blonde hue, then check out these honey blonde hair colors. Luckily honey blonde compliments almost all skin tones from light to dark and looks nice on many hairstyles.honey-blonde-hair-colors-2017Strawberry-Honey Blonde Hair Color

As strawberry blonde is close to honey blonde hair color, they ideally go with each other and create a shinier shade. A rich strawberry-hone blonde hair color can lighten up your blonde shade and make it glossy. This shade is stunning especially with fair complexions and light eyes. Dark eyes will create a hot contrast keeping your style sweet and soft. Women with dark hair will hardly achieve this shade, while natural blondes are welcome to try it as their next blonde tone.