Latest Celebrity Hair Colors 2017

All the interesting and inspiring celebrity hair color ideas for 2017 have founded their special place here. From now on you’ll be inspired not only by common hair color ideas but also by the latest celebrity experiments and modern styles. It’s not a secret that many Hollywood stars use various hair colors to stand out with their radical changes and fascinating styles.

Hollywood Stars in Auburn Hair Colors

Fall is already here and all you need is a new hair color. Since auburn is one of the most requested shades for fall today we will represent the most gorgeous celebrities in auburn hair colors. Of course, the autumnal palette is rich and colorful but reddish hues are the dominants. Choose a deep auburn shade among the best choices of Lily Collins, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore and many others and to create our ultimate signature shade.2017-celebrity-auburn-hair-colorsLily Collins’s Auburn Hair Color

No, we are not speaking about her vibrant and fiery Marsala red hair color. We are just admired by the rich and deep auburn shade chosen for her long mane. Lily Collins is a cool raven-haired Snowhite with light complexion and dark eyes but there are times when she needs for a huge change in her look and opts for warm and eye-catching hair color like the trendy auburn. It goes warms up her place skin and ideally goes with her dark hair and dark eyes. She has tried everything from neon red to fiery orange, but we love her deep auburn hair color more.

The Emmy Awards 2016: Celebrity Hair Color Ideas

There are times when you need a cool inspiration for your hair and start thinking of a new shade. Perhaps you don’t know from where to start to choose the best hair color for the next season. Celebrities always prompts us what is trendy and what is already out of fashion. This time the hottest celebrity hair colors are seen during the Emmy Awards 2016. You can get your ultimate inspo right here and right Kemper Rich Copper Hair Color

There are hair colors that never seem to be old-fashioned. One of them is the deep copper hue. This reddish hair color is a big trend in Hollywood. It will stay in fashion for a long time, so take an example from Ellie Kemper and dye your hair in this rich copper red shade. It compliments light skin tones and eyes and easily transforms you into a posh redhead from a traditional blonde or brunette.

Vanessa Hudgens’s Hair Color Makeover

A woman can’t live without transformations, changes and little experiments during her lifetime. This is one of the most important ideas any girl considers time to time.  It goes without saying that the most frequent and surprising makeovers belong to celebrities. They change not only their haircuts but also hair colors opting for millions of shades to get absolutely different appearance. Although the changing looks of  some celebrities are limitless but today we’ll represent Vanessa Hudgens’s hair color makeover to give you new ideas on how to beautify tresses. vanessa-hudgens-hair-colors-2017Vanessa Hudgens’s Dark Brown Hair Color

Each time we discuss celebrity hair color makeovers we start with their natural shade. So, Vanessa Hudgens’s natural hair color is the dark brown. Yes she is a hit brunette with dark eyes and warm skin tone. She loves her natural hair color and often updates it with vibrant highlights and new hues. Few are cases when she had changed her brunette hair into lighter colors.

Emma Stone’s 5 Best Hair Colors to Steal

Being a natural blonde Emma Stone doesn’t afraid of radical changes and new experiments. She is one of the famous women who can pull off any red, blonde r brown hair color like a real wearer of that particular shade. She carefully choose hues for her hair and amuses us with her posh transformations. Today we have collected Emma Stone’s 5 best hair color ideas for you to look at and be inspired. She knows how to rock her natural blonde shade, the striking red and the mysterious brown. We have a lot to learn from this cool trendsetter.emma-stone-hair-colors-2017Emma Stone Creamy Blonde Hair Color

This is the natural blonde hair color that Emma Stone has. It’s a subtle and very feminine shade that enhances her attractiveness. She has been rocking it for a long time that’s why we are not amused by her blonde hair color experiments. They complement her skin tone and go well with her light eyes. Besides, she has never opted for a blonde shade that doesn’t suit her complexion and style. Creamy blonde is on the rage at the moment and is considered as a trendy hue for 2017.

Best Rainbow Hair Color Ideas from Celebs

Rainbow hair is surely the top of creativity that stylists prove they have. This crazy, bright and chic hair coloring idea is no more a news of us but since it’s evolved day by day we have decided to create a cool guide for you to the best rainbow hair colors from celebs. Check out these brave looks and copy the most inspiring one in 2017.   rainbow hair colors celebrities 2017Katy Perry Rainbow Hair Color

Thousands of time Katy Perry has gone for rainbow hair experimenting both with highlights and lowlights as well as with light and dark hues. She has created awesome rainbow hues on her dark mane and has gone for a light pastel rainbow style. She is a real trendsetter and a source of inspiration for many teenagers and stylish ladies. She creates awesome hairstyles on her long and short rainbow-colored hair. Here we see her in a cute wavy bob with pastel rainbow hues.

Best Blonde Hair Colors: Celebrity Looks

Nowadays almost all celebrities experiment with various hair colors. Some even change their natural shade into another posh hair color and get a totally new look. We copy the styles that attract us most of all or grab attention with their fancy effects. Blonde is an inherently common and popular hair color with its many shades. It comes with a variety of tones and offers us the best solutions to match with our skin tones and eye hues. Look at these celebrities in blonde hair colors and find your ultimate inspiration.celebrity blonde hair colors 2017Taylor Swift Platinum Blonde Hair Color

She couldn’t help but give a try to the white blonde hair color. here you see Taylor Swift in a subtle platinum blonde bob hairstyle which frames her dainty face. It’s a cool hair color for her and looks bold with the dark lips and messy hairstyle. Luckily, this hair color works with most skin tones and makes hair very gorgeous. You can easily get it on your light blonde hair. In case you have dark locks you need to go for bleaching before coloring.

Fresh Hair Highlights from Hollywood Stars

The secret to posh hairstyles is sometimes hidden behind the hair colors and highlights we opt for. This is the first thing that Hollywood stars pay special attention. Check out this cool collection of best looks from celebrities with fresh hair highlights. Use them in 2017 for different highlights 2017Olivia Palermo Hair Highlights

Olivia is one of the biggest fans of hair highlights. She keeps her hair long and beautifies it with blonde, brown and balayage highlights. Her delightful hair always sparkles with honey and golden tints. We love her posh style and cute waves in trendy highlights. They flatter her complexion and display her luscious hair. With the help of golden and honey blonde hues, her eyes shine daintily.

2017 Fancy Balayage Hair Colors

Sweep or paint technique used in hair coloring world is known with the name balayage. It is a timeless hair coloring idea with endless styles and combinations. This is the case when you can easily find your style and get a gorgeous result. Your favorite stars have already experimented with this style, what about you? Try out one of these balayage hair colors in 2017 and achieve a trendier look.balayage hair colors 2017 - CopyChrissy Teigen Balayage Hair Color

The playfully messy ombre balayage hair color worn on a wavy bob haircut suits Chrissy Teigen so much that it seems as if she’ll wear this hair color for a long time. This posh female has experimented with many styles but the somber and balayage are her latest favorite hair coloring techniques. She is in love with the dark brown to light brown and blondish effects of her hair.

Bold Hair Color Ideas from Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of those brave celebrities who are not afraid of huge experiments and radical makeovers. They are always ready to amuse us with their bold hair color ideas and edgy haircuts. Luckily Katy Perry has such skin tone and eye hue that she can easily pull off any hair color she likes. Below we have collected the best bold moments of Katy Perry to inspire you with new dramatic shades. Check them out and change up your look with one of these trendy hues.Katy Perry  hair colors 2017Katy Perry Pink Hair Color

While many go for the popular pastel pink shade Katy chooses vibrant and cotton candy hue of pink. This hair color makes her look like an elegant doll who has just worn the princess look. Her jeweled and colorful hair accessory worn on the French twist updo hairstyle makes the look unique and more attractive. She has paired it with bold makeup and posh dress.

Gorgeous Red Hair Colors from Celebrities

Hair color changes can be super easy if you find the right hue for you. when it comes to red hair colors you should make sure it suits you. That’s why we have collected examples from redhead celebrities to inspire you for 2017. We want you to have a look at the latest trendy red shades in order to go for the best solution and idea. Perhaps the most eye-catching transformation that you can opt for is going for red hair. So, start the year with a new hair color.celebrity red hair colors 2017Sophie Turner Red Hair Color

Red hair is style stamen for Sophie Turner. She updates it and keeps her hair long in order to grab much attention. This fiery hue fantastically compliments her light skin tone and light eyes. It makes her very girlish and delightful. The combined wavy hairstyle is the right choice for this hair color as it keeps it bright yet dainty. If you have such complexion and seek for a bright hair color you may consider Sophie Turner’s red shade.