2017 Jewel-Toned Hair Color Trend

What do they mean by the trend jewel-toned hair color for 2017? Is this the ultimate rainbow shade? If you are still under the influence of the pastel and bubblegum hair color ideas, we are here to offer you something more interesting and inspiring. It’s ok that people continue to dye their locks in pastel and other rainbow hair colors as they are trendy too, but some cool enthusiasts soon get tired of the same popular looks and seek for more creative ideas.2017 Jewel-Toned Hair Color TrendWhat is Jewel-Toned Hair Color?

First, you need to recognize jewel-toned hair colors in order to make the right choice for your hair. So, remember your childhood when you used to play with your mom’s jewelry. How many hues, shiny tints and effects did it have? All the cute hues of those gemstones are now used as hair color ideas. Emerald hair color 2017They mostly work well with dark and brunette hair and tend to make it mysterious, shinier and deeper. These are not light paste shades but dark and deep shades with rich undertones. Women with red or blonde hair colors should dye their locks in dark shades beforehand, in order to achieve the desired jewel tone on their mane. This is perhaps one of the seldom cases when stylists require dark hair instead of bleached out.sapphire hair color 2017Jewel-Toned Hair Color Ideas

Among the most popular jewel-toned shades the rich hair color palette offers us emerald, amethyst, sapphire and ruby shades. You can make your choice between the tones that meet your interests and go well with your skin tone. so, emerald is beautiful and classic deep green hair color which is also used in order to create deep ombre effect. Just avoid bright and pure green shades not to pull off a hue that remind of a grass field.ruby hair color 2017 Keep it sassy and classy. As for the ruby shade it’s a dark red hair color that makes you stand out in the crowd. It is known that ruby hair colors require much maintenance than any other jewel tones. So, keep it fresh not to get a faded orange hair color. Amethyst is a purple shade that resembles a grape. Coloring your hair into a purple shade is the easiest thing you can do with your tresses. It’s a fantastic hair color idea. And sapphire is a is probably one of the most glamorous and tender jewel hair colors to try in 2017. It’s a combination of turquoise, dark blue and green hair colors.Amethyst hair color 2017