2017 Multi-Tone Hair Highlights  

The creative world of hair highlighting is always there for us to offer the most delightful hair transformations, makeover and styles. Thanks to the professionalism of skillful designers and hair colorist today we are provided with millions of hair highlighting options and techniques from ombre to balayage and from rainbow to pixel. We are here to inspire you with the most fashionable multi-tone hair highlights  for 2017. Get ready for radical changes.multi-tone hair highlights 2017Classic Ombre/Sombre/Balayage Highlights

Let’s start from the classiest hair highlighting ideas that new in the hair styling industry. So, ombre, sombre and balayage are the most popular hair highlights for any type of hair. They are ideal for all shades but go well especially with blonde and brunette hair. Their unique technique of highlighting hair keeps everything harmonious and pretty.balayage highlights 2017

balayage highlights for 2017

sombre highlights hair 2017

sombre highlights 2017

sombre highlights for 2017

There are no unpleasant and odd mixtures and the main principle is to keep the roots dark and the tips lighter. So, the result is awesome. Almost all celebrities with medium to long hair have experimented with one of these styles. Even those with short hair like to wear sombre highlights on their cuts to make them classier, more elegant and feminine. Ombre highlights and their variations allow you to create delightful effects for various skin tones and eye hues. Each can easily discover the best option for her hair.ombre highlights 2017Crazy Rainbow/Pastel/Pixel Highlights

Have you ever imagined your hair in many shades of rainbow? Today this branch of hair coloring art is much evolved. It is enriched with opal, pastel, pixel, oils slick for brunettes and many other hair highlights. You can get delightful and stunning hair color combinations on your locks using the trendy rainbow and pastel shades. These are not your common hair colors. They are dramatic, edgy and unusual. All the bright green blue, purple, pink, red, orange and yellow hair colors are waiting for you in 2017. rainbow highlights 2017

pixel highlights 2017

pastel highlights 2017

oil slick hair highlights 2017

opal highlights 2017Don’t miss your chance of grabbing attention with your new hair colors and hues. Say goodbye to your natural hair color and unlock the fascinating world of multi-tone hair colors. Now check out these pictures once more and stay in touch with trends. It’s also recommended to consult with professional hair colorists before styling your hair with multi-tone hair colors. You should consider your skin tone, current hair color and haircut. Multi-tone hair colors look unique on edgy haircuts and hairstyles. We with you a glamorous look with your new rich hair color.   multi-tone rainbow highlights 2017