2017 Two-Toned Split Hair Colors

Although the two-toned split hair color trend is not new in the fashion industry but it is loved by many stylish girls. Here I represent the most requested two-toned split hair colors for 2017. These are the most awesome combinations of the fascinating split style. You will love the way it’s reflected on long and thick hair.two-toned split hair colors 2017Black and Red Split Hair Color

Black and red always create the hottest combo when it comes to outfits, accessories and even hair colors. We have seen so many black shades combined with red highlights but this is something totally different. It’s the eye-grabbing half-and-half black and red hair color idea that looks impressive with light complexions.red black hair color 2017Black and Pink Split Hair Color

The next flattering hue to match with black hair is the vibrant pink. This split hair color idea is popular among teenagers. They try to copy emo styles as the result is beautiful. Black and pink shades create a well-balanced contrast and grab attention. They are beautiful both with light and dark skin toes. The only thing you need to do is finding the most suitable shade of pink for your hair. Try to make your choice between the brightest pink hues if you have decided to keep the half of your locks in dark black tone.black pink hair color 2017Blonde and Brown Split Hair Color

If you like both brown and blonde hair colors then you may like this sophisticated style. The idea of matching brown and blonde shades sounds more elegant and subtler than any other solution of two-tone hair colors. This is the case when everyone can find the desired shades of brown and blonde according to her complexion and eyes.brown blonde split hair color 2017Blonde and Black Split Hair Color

And the most popular two-toned split hair color trend that you can meet is the glamorous black and blonde hair color.  This one suits almost everyone as it’s a pure contrast of light and dark hues and therefore it compliments dark and light skin tones equally.black blonde hair color 2017Two-Toned Pastel Split Hair Color

As for women looking for something more exquisite there is the stunning pastel split hair color that combines two shades of light pastel tones. This hair color idea best works with naturally light hair but if you are ready to bleach your dark hair out into a light tone special for this style, then go ahead with your choice.two-toned pastel hair color 2017