New Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2017

Each year we are provided with new hair color trends and the ones celebrities and models choose become the trendiest. Last year’s hair color trends were all about bold shades and vibrant hues. This time we will focus on the new hair color ideas for 2017. Some of the represented shades are absolutely new for many of you and will surely inspire for the coming colors for 2017Cinnamon Swirl Hair Color

Lately many designers and stylists offer hair color inspirations just from cookies and candy hues. Cinnamon swirl is one of the latest hair color ideas. It has the charming cinnamon hues and the delightful design of its swirls. You get a totally new hair color closer to balayage, somber or light blonde to brown combinations which look amazing on hair.Cinnamon Swirl Hair Color 2017Metallic Hair Colors

As for metallic shades there are the bright copper, golden, silver, bronze and ronze hair colors to try in 2017. They are glossy, sparkling and very bright in their hues. Luckily the versatility of these hues is limitless and allows you to pick the best shade for your current hair color and skin tone. I myself love the rich copper red and bronze hair colors. They are very beautiful and attractive. You may also like silver and golden tints too.Metallic Hair Colors 2017Color Melting Shades

The new sombre hair colors with rainbow hues are called color melting in the hair styling industry. It seems as if your bright hair color melts and fades into a lighter shade at the tips. The effect is very tender especially on long hair. Color melting gives the hairstylist the opportunity to blend multiple tones on hair and create an ultra-natural impression.Color Melting Shades 2017Oil Slick Hair Color

If you think brunettes have less fun then discover the new oil slick hair color for 2017. It is created special for brunette hair and is beautifully reflected on dark mane. Rainbow highlights in dark tints take your hairstyle to the next level and liven up dark shades. So, replace vivid and pastel hair colors with eye-catching oil slick hair highlights in 2017.Oil Slick Hair Color 2017Smokey Highlights for Tips

Smokey finishes or smokey highlights on the tips are all you need to beautify your current hairstyle. Due to the silver and opal hair colors today we have a new hair color idea which mostly deals with our hair tips. It’s similar to oil slick but differs in its hues. Here we have lighter shades with a smokey touch which goes well with light hair colors.smokey highlights for hair 2017