Temporary Pastel Hair Colors

Have you ever dreamed of those stunning pastel blue, lilac, mint and pink hair colors? Don’t have enough brevity to take the risk of dying your locks in one of these hues? Never mind, because there is a coo solution for anyone who wants to color her hair temporarily in pastel hair colors. We have various hair products and tricks to use to get pastel highlights or a pastel rainbow trend on our tresses. If you have decided to color your hair in a subtle and unusual bright shade for a couple of days then use hair chalks.pastel-hair-colors-2017Pre-dying Stage and Your Base Shade

First, let’s decide whether your current hair color is suitable for pastel shades or not. If it’s light then you will have no problem with pastel hues. All pastel hair colors compliment blonde shades. If you have dark brown or brunette hair then there are several bright colors to match with it including purple, dirty pink and silver blue. Things are a bit complicated for redheads. Red hair may hardly carry pastel highlights. So, consult with your stylist before coloring.pastel-hair-color-idea-2017How to Get:

The next step is to decide the hue or the combination of hues that you want to pair with your hair. For best results, opt for soft pastel artist’s chalks. Avoid oil based chalks as they are hardly removable products for hair. Besides common hair chalks provide with a tenderer effect and don’t damage your tresses. Most artists come with boxes of 24 hues. The choice is up to you. Go for the most flattering shades. Before starting the painting process throw and old t-shirt around your shoulders.pastel-highlights-2017 Set your chalk in a few drops of water. Then take a paintbrush and pick a piece of wet hair that is smaller than the length of the chalk. The smaller the chosen section the easier you’ll paint. You can take the strands that you want to be chalk-dyed and focus only on those strands. In order to get the desired shade all over your hair you need to be quite patient. Rub the chalk on hair section by section and avoid rubbing up and down as it creates a real mess. Women with layered haircuts will easily get the result. The chalk dye on your hands will easily be removed with the help of a soap and water. Since the hair is wet, the shade will transfer. Be careful working with several hues not to mix them. Then let the hair dry.pastel-pink-hair-color-2017