Turquoise Hair Color Ideas 2017

Aquamarine also known as turquoise is cool shade created with marine blue and green mixtures. It has become a trendy hair color idea with several soft and “peaceful” tones from dark to light. Turquoise hair colors for 2017 come up in some cute effects and hues which are beautifully reflected on dark hair as well as on short and uneven cuts.turquoise-hair-colors-2017What is Turquoise Hair Color?

As mentioned above turquoise is a great combo of blue and green tints. This mixture can either be cool and soft, or vibrant and flashy. Many women google how to get turquoise hair colors at home. Well, many f them are inspired by several celebrity looks including Kylie Jenner’s black to turquoise ombre bob hairstyle. There are several ways of achieving turquoise hair colors. First, you need to have dark hair for the best result. This wired hair color idea captures many hearts of brunettes who look for unusual and trendy shades to liven up their strands. However stylists recommend to bleach hair a little bit to get the vibrant tone of greenish-blue.turquoise-hair-color-idea-2017 In this case, you’d better bleach the tips of your locks not to damage the scalp and the roots. Some can even get ombre styles. To achieve an ombre turquoise hair color your stylist is supposed to mix a few varying concentrations of turquoise dye keeping the roots darker than the tips so that the final effect will be close to melting or fading. Those who think of turquoise rainbow hair colors need to find a professional hair colorist. In order not to mix the shades you’ll need lots of tin foil, several separate bowls and separate dye brushes. Once you have the desired shades you should dye your hair section by section quite carefully using different brushes.  Then, fold the foil over the hair and let it sit at least a few hours. Wash the strands carefully with cool water.demi-lovato-turquoise-hair-color-2017Celebrities with Turquoise Hair Colors

Now, it’s the high time to inspire you with the best celebrity looks in turquoise hairstyles. So, Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato, Hillary Duff, Hayley Williams and Halsey are the most inspiring celebrities who have experimented with turquoise hair colors each by her own approach. Take examples from these stunners and pull off trendy turquoise hair colors in 2017. Some also call it teal hair color thanks to its green and bluish game of shades.turquoise hair color 2017