Unique Hair Color Trends to Copy in 2017

Researches show that women get tired of the same lifestyle and trends quite soon and then they start looking for something more interesting and inspiring. If you feel as if you are tired of everything around you and in your lifestyle then you must start changing up your look. What about a new hair color in 2017? I am here to inspire you with these unique hair color ideas. Let’s start!Unique Hair Color Trends to Copy in 2017Multi-Tone Pastel Hair Color

Pastel hair colors are not out of the style. They have just taken the next step with modern effects and touches. Today we see multi-tone pastel hair colors instead of monotone lavender, sky blue, mint green or pink shades. Stylists mix silver shades with pastel and combine them with dark roots for a more impressive style. Women with short haircuts choose this trick to soften their hairstyle. Here is the created gorgeous look.multi-tone pastel hair color 2017Bright Burgundy Red Hair Color

If you are looking for a brighter and darker hair color idea but still want to keep it bold there is the fiery burgundy red shade for all skin tones and eye hues. Luckily, it goes well with most complexions and makes a style statement. The best thing about the bright burgundy shade is that it’s fresh and turns heads no matter what haircut you rock with it.bright burgundy red hair color 2017Rainbow Hair Color

As for the popular rainbow hair color trend, it becomes more and more required among young fashionistas who look for something positive in their life and want to get more attention. Different hues of rainbow mixed in one hairstyle have the power to make you stand out in the crowd. The choice of the colors is up to you. It mostly depends on your natural hair color.rainbow hair color 201750 Shades of Pink

2017 is the year of the 50 shades of pink. Pick up any of the light or dark pink hair colors to spice up your look and switch up your hair. Whether you have dark or light skin tone there is always a single shade of pink waiting for you. It’s the most feminine color that you can ever find. Try to match it with dark roots if you have naturally dark hair. It looks more beautiful and interesting than monotone pink shades.pink hair color 2017Apricot Hair Color

Between the hottest and warmest shades of pastel apricot is the most fashionable hue. This sweet and lavishing hair color is perfect for short haircuts that look harsh and boyish. However, long-haired celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, also prefers apricot hair color that suits her tan complexion.  apricot hair color 2017