Emma Roberts’s Best Hair Colors

From dark brunette to light blonde Emma Roberts is not afraid of radical and dramatic hair color changes. She is one of the hottest celebrities who has her signature style and likes new experiments. We have seen her in long and trendy short haircuts but what we mostly like is all about her stunning hair color makeover from dark to light. Below you’re going to see Emma Roberts’s best hair colors which will inspire you to change up your style.emma-roberts-hair-colors-2017Emma Roberts’s Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Brunette hair colors have been Emma Roberts’s favorite shades before she fell in love with light blonde and reddish hues. Her shiny chocolate brown hair color worn on long and medium haircuts still inspires many brunettes. This fresh and powerful brown shade brings out her light skin tone and creates balance for her eyes. It’s an awesome tone of brown to match with most complexions.

Light Hair Color Ideas for Blondes

If you think that any hair color works well with blondes then check out our list of light hair colors for blondes and leave alone the stereotypes that hair color possibilities are endless for blondes. There are cool shades that flatter pale complexions and highlight blonde locks. Keep up with the recent trends and update your blonde hair with nicer shades.light-hair-colors-for-blondes-2017Sandy Blonde Hair Color

The balance between matte and golden shades on sandy blonde hair colors add depth and a natural touch to any blonde hair color. This is the most accepted hair color for blonde-haired women of all age groups. It is neutral and tends to warm up pale complexions and bring out light eyes. You can ask your stylist for less golden hues for summer and much glossy effect for winter as skin becomes paler in winter. Update the color every four weeks.

Street Style 2017 Hair Color Ideas

Undoubtedly, what goes on the runway is interesting and inspiring for many of us. But sometimes we take examples from common stylish passerby women who rock fantastic looks, outfits, haircuts, hairstyles and makeups.  Here are the latest street looks with trendy hair colors for 2017. Discover how women embrace their hairstyles with modern and fresh shades on the street.hair-colors-2017Warm Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Vibrant and eye-catching reddish hair color are now subtler and more natural looking. They are in warm yet soft tones and compliment light complexions. one of the most popular light reddish hair colors is the warm strawberry blonde. It’s an ideal choice for any season as it looks quite natural. This awesome hair color shines subtly under the sunny rays and makes your locks glossier.

Sarah Hyland’s Coolest Hair Colors

While the rest of the world considers dark shades for hair Sarah Hyland gradually lightens up her warm brunette locks with stunning and sun-kissed hair colors. Compared with her dark hairstyles these are her most dramatic and attractive looks. Let’s unlock Sarah Hyland’s hair colors and copy the best looks. We love how Sarah transforms from a cute girl to a gorgeous woman. Her hair color choices are always inspiring and trendy.sarah-hyland-hair-colors-2017Sarah Hyland’s Brown Hair Color

Brown is Sarah Hyland’s natural hair color. It highlights all her beauty and displays her real charm. However, she often liked to highlight it with slicing highlights. This trick softens her hair color and makes it shiny.  If you have tanned skin tone and brown eyes like Sarah Hyland then you can always rely on this shade.

Amazing Dark Ombre Hair Colors

Popular dark hair colors such as black, brown, plum, burgundy, turquoise and caramel offer us unique ombre hair color ideas that sparkle on brunette mane. Actually the darker your base hair color the more ye-catching your ombre shade will look. All you need is just keeping the roots dark and color the end in a vibrant shade of red, caramel or any other original hue. These dark ombre hair color ideas ate the best examples for you to consider.dark-ombre-hair-colors-2017Black Turquoise Ombre Hair Color

Turquoise is one of the most flattering shades for black hair. It is ideally achieved on black locks and is usually used as stunning ombre style. this hair color is ideal for black women who have naturally black hair and just for the big fans of black strands. Ask your hairstylist to enhance your black shade with a jet black tint and dye the tips in a deep turquoise hair color. No matter you have a short or long haircut; it’s going to be awesome.

2017 Trendy Hair Colors with Colorful Roots

Instead of the simple dark brown or black roots, designers and professionals offer us trendy hair colors with colorful roots for 2017. Perhaps this is the subtler version of the glitter roots, which grab so much attention and seem to be too festive. Your hair roots will look nicer in unique shades no matter your base hair color, skin tone and haircut. According to your current hair color, you can easily get an awesome hairstyle with flattering colored roots.colorful-roots-hair-colors-2017Grey Hair with Silver Blue Roots

We choose hair colors both closer and contrasting for base hair colors. In this case we have grey hair with well balanced silver blue roots. They create a harmonious ombre effect gradually changing the hues from dark to right. Besides, blue brings more interest to grey hair and makes your look more than angelic. This hair color combo is often seen on the runway combined with medium and long straight hairstyles.

New Caramelized Hair Color Ideas for Brunettes

We have spoken about caramel hair color many times but today’s article will be something more and engaging as we are going to represent the newest caramelized hair color ideas that leave us breathless. They are accompanied by the lovely ombre, balayage and sombre highlighting ideas as well as new haircuts and hairstyles. Feel the rich shimmering hair color nuance on your own hair with the help of one of these shades.caramel-hair-colors-2017Caramel Ombre Hair Color

Between trendy caramel hair colors, caramel ombre has its unique place. It’s a separate ombre style that differs from the rest with its rich elegance and natural touch. You can combine it with dark hair and lighten it up with a shimmering attractiveness. This hair color idea compliments olive and dark skin tones and looks better on long hairstyles.

Red Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Women who are after an edgy and fiery red hair color to switch up their look should first discover the best red hair colors and skin tones. All you have to do is pulling off the shade of red that works well with your complexion and suits your eyes. It’s also important to pay attention to your natural hair color. So, today we’ll help you to unveil the world of red hair color palette and find the most flattering hue for your hair.red-hair-colors-2017While some hair colors are quite easy to pull off some others require carefulness and professionalism. Red is not a simple shade to play with. It has millions of dark and light tones, which compliment different skin tones. And while red hair looks amazing with all skin tones, you still need to find yours to look natural and fabulous.

5 Hot Hair Color Ideas for 2017 from Celebrities

Although 2016 is not over yet, but we can’t help falling in love with the hottest celebrity hair color trends for 2017. Some stunners have already prompts us what’s going to be in thing in 2017 and we want to share with you these lovely shades. These are, perhaps the classiest hair colors that are going to become dominant very soon. Keep up with the fashion to be the first to try one of these hues.hair-colors-2017Kerry Washington Brown Ombre Hair Color

Kerry Washington has dyed her dark hair in a warm brown ombre shade not only to accentuate her natural hue but also match with her warm skin tone. when going for dark hair color it’s necessary to pay attention to your natural shade. Try to take a tone that’s loser to it. Here Kerry Washington has gone for a dark mahogany red, which looks like a reddish brown and ideally works with her dark brown roots.

Best Ombre Hair Colors for Long Hair

Ombre is a low-maintenance and trendy hair color idea. It’s ideal particularly for long hair. It takes your hairstyle to the next level with a modern twist and makes it more interesting. Instead of monotone and dull long hair you can pull off a hot ombre hair color and show us your brand new hairstyle. Below we have collected the best pictures of long ombre hairstyles to inspire long-haired beauties.ombre-hair-colors-2017Red Ombre Hair Color

One of the hottest ombre hair colors is created with black and fiery red shades. They provide with a fantastic effect on long hair. It starts out black on the roots and radically becomes bright red at the tips. The curly side swept hairstyle highlights the hotness of the shades and frames the face with a fresh touch. It goes well with medium to dark complexions and brings out dark eyes. you can match it with bold makeups and vibrant red lips.