Red Hair Colors and Your Skin Tone

Women who are after an edgy and fiery red hair color to switch up their look should first discover the best red hair colors and skin tones. All you have to do is pulling off the shade of red that works well with your complexion and suits your eyes. It’s also important to pay attention to your natural hair color. So, today we’ll help you to unveil the world of red hair color palette and find the most flattering hue for your some hair colors are quite easy to pull off some others require carefulness and professionalism. Red is not a simple shade to play with. It has millions of dark and light tones, which compliment different skin tones. And while red hair looks amazing with all skin tones, you still need to find yours to look natural and fabulous.

5 Hot Hair Color Ideas for 2017 from Celebrities

Although 2016 is not over yet, but we can’t help falling in love with the hottest celebrity hair color trends for 2017. Some stunners have already prompts us what’s going to be in thing in 2017 and we want to share with you these lovely shades. These are, perhaps the classiest hair colors that are going to become dominant very soon. Keep up with the fashion to be the first to try one of these Washington Brown Ombre Hair Color

Kerry Washington has dyed her dark hair in a warm brown ombre shade not only to accentuate her natural hue but also match with her warm skin tone. when going for dark hair color it’s necessary to pay attention to your natural shade. Try to take a tone that’s loser to it. Here Kerry Washington has gone for a dark mahogany red, which looks like a reddish brown and ideally works with her dark brown roots.

Best Ombre Hair Colors for Long Hair

Ombre is a low-maintenance and trendy hair color idea. It’s ideal particularly for long hair. It takes your hairstyle to the next level with a modern twist and makes it more interesting. Instead of monotone and dull long hair you can pull off a hot ombre hair color and show us your brand new hairstyle. Below we have collected the best pictures of long ombre hairstyles to inspire long-haired beauties.ombre-hair-colors-2017Red Ombre Hair Color

One of the hottest ombre hair colors is created with black and fiery red shades. They provide with a fantastic effect on long hair. It starts out black on the roots and radically becomes bright red at the tips. The curly side swept hairstyle highlights the hotness of the shades and frames the face with a fresh touch. It goes well with medium to dark complexions and brings out dark eyes. you can match it with bold makeups and vibrant red lips.

Sweet Honey Blonde Hair Colors

Platinum is certainly the biggest blonde hair color trend for the moment but it’s not the only shade that you can consider in 2017. There is the sweet honey blonde hair color with its light and dark tones for different complexions. If you have decides to switch up your hair color with a glossy blonde hue, then check out these honey blonde hair colors. Luckily honey blonde compliments almost all skin tones from light to dark and looks nice on many hairstyles.honey-blonde-hair-colors-2017Strawberry-Honey Blonde Hair Color

As strawberry blonde is close to honey blonde hair color, they ideally go with each other and create a shinier shade. A rich strawberry-hone blonde hair color can lighten up your blonde shade and make it glossy. This shade is stunning especially with fair complexions and light eyes. Dark eyes will create a hot contrast keeping your style sweet and soft. Women with dark hair will hardly achieve this shade, while natural blondes are welcome to try it as their next blonde tone.

Best Model Hair Color Ideas for 2017

Any stunner starting her career in modelling first of all undergoes some appearance changes. She actually starts with the haircut or hair color recommended by the designer and stylist. A huge hair color change can make miracles in your look and make you prettier. These model hair color ideas for 2017 will help you think of a new change and start in your life. Keep your eyes on one of the best looks.model-hair-colors-2017Karlie Kloss’s Light Brown Hair Color

Before the sophisticated and soft short bob haircut in a light brown hair color Karlie Kloss used to wear long thick hairstyles. Designers say that she has become a super seductive model from a little from after this huge hairstyle change. It makes her very feminine, attractive and brings out her cool facial features. Light brown bob with wispy bangs is on of her best hairstyles.

Two-Tone Hair Colors: Brown and Blonde

Two-tone blonde and brown hair colors are not just fancy hair coloring ideas. They are super attractive and flattering shades for many skin tones. They tend to add a fabulous dimension to your hair and look better on asymmetrical, wavy, curly and shaggy hairstyles. Blonde and brown hair color mixtures are quite popular among celebs some of which are represented below.blonde-brown-hair-colors-2017Jessica Simpson Two-Tone Hair Color

What do you think, why Jessica Simpson likes two-tone hair colors so much? Perhaps it’s just trendy and goes well with her complexion? Not at all. The thing is that she find the best way of grabbing attention with this blonde brown hair color mixture, and she is not the only celebrity who uses this trick. It softens her hairstyles and adds warmth all around her face.

Medium Brown Hair Colors

Medium brown is a classic and natural hair color that works with most skin tones. It creates a radiant warmth all around your face and makes your eyes shine more subtly. You may be thinking of a trendy medium brown hair color idea and some inspiration from celebrities wearing it. These pictures of posh celebs will give you the most useful and fashionable ideas of medium brown hair colors and flattering hairstyles.medium-brown-hair-colors-2017Ashley Greene Medium Brown Hair Color

Ashley Greene is a famous brunette who wears her medium brown shade on long layered haircuts with side bangs or shot classic bob cuts. This hair color brings our attention to her seductive face. She has unveiled the secret of the right hair color to keep all eyes on her delightful appearance. Since natural hair color set of features best, Ashley prefers to rock medium brown hues. The best way to protect it and keep shiny is with a hydrating and using high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

London Fashion Week 2017: Hair Color Inspiration

From edgy haircuts to unusual hair color and from trendy bangs to classic shades here are trendy hair color ideas for 2017 from London Fashion Week. Ready to switch up your hair color? don’t waste your time on old magazines and pictures. Find your next hair color inspiration between these gorgeous looks. These models never wear old-fashioned hair colors. They always choose the latest Pink Hair Color

We start from the boldest and most dramatic hair color seen at London Fashion Week. It’s the candy blondish pink hair color with more warmth then monotone pastel pinks. Combined with sleek and straight hairstyle as well as with trendy blunt bangs this pink hair color grabs attention. It works well with naturally blonde hair and compliments many skin tones.

New Silver Hair Color Ideas

Women and men are pulling their hair in a variety of grey shades to look as fashionable as possible. Resulting completely eye-catching looks many think of modern touch ups and fancier solutions. If you are thinking of dying your tresses in a modern grey hair color, make sure to check out these new silver hair color ideas. Match the hues with your skin tone and undertones.grey-hair-colors-2017Icy Silver Hair Color

Cool and icy silver hair colors are appealing and trendy especially for short haircuts, which need cute and soft updates. Even if you have naturally grey hair you can still opt for the icy silver hair color as a fresher and shinier shade. It will look better with fancy hairstyles and tender makeups.

Lily Collins’s Hair Color Makeover

One of the most talented British-American actress Lily Collins is a big fan of brunette hair colors but she doesn’t mind to change her hair shades in other hues too. We remember her in many long, medium and short haircuts and now it’s the high time to discover Lily Collins’s hair color makeover and choose the best shades for 2017. Besides so many ravishing brunette hair colors she has also gone for the hot raspberry color which brings out all her charm and seductive eyes.lily-collins-hair-colors-2017Lily Collins Black Hair Color

Remember her raven hair? This is the case when we say that black is soft and elegant on hair. Lily Collins looks very attractive with this shade that compliments her skin tone and makes her look like the real Snow White. After her role of Snow White many today dye their locks in raven black to bring out their light skin tone and dark eyes.