Soft Tortoiseshell Hair Color

We have tons of ideas on how to mix hues to get new hair colors but some are just cool and incredible. One of them is the tortoiseshell hair color idea, which has the concept of a three-tone combinations of browns and blondes. Many stylists believe that tortoiseshell is one of the warmest hair colors that has both brown and blonde hues in a harmonious mixture. It has a darker color at the roots and becomes lighter at the middle and tips as well as a light golden highlight on the surface of the mane. tortoiseshell-hair-colors-2017Women who avoid having golden tints on their hair may not consider this hair color for their locks. It’s special for those who love the sun-kissed golden hint in the middle of dark shades. Tortoiseshell hair color is created for stylish ladies who love the trendy combo between Brazilian brown and blonde which sparkle beautifully on hair with their warmth and neutral, muted, sometimes even natural tones.

2017 Layage Hair Color Trend

Probably you are already familiar with the cool balayage and foliage hair color ideas. Now we have a new hair trend called layage hair color for 2017. Like balayage but better layage is considered as a more controlled and neater version of freehand painting and hair highlighting. Here you will learn the best way of aching layage hair color and will be inspired by the latest examples.layage hair colors 2017What is Layage Hair Color?

Also known as fluid hair painting layage is the modern balayage hair color idea which involves hand-painting color onto hair on a large  and chunky at flat surface or board, providing hair with a soft and natural-looking mixture of shades. It is a rich and fresh combination of several hues closer in their tones and reflections.

Subtlest Light Hair Highlights

When you want to soften your hair color you opt for highlights. Whether you get it softer or harsher depends on the chosen hues and tones. Of course, it’s obvious that the lighter your highlights the subtler your hair color will look. So, instead of vibrant and bright hues you are supposed to go for light tones to create the desired exquisite effect. Our team has done a thorough research to find out the trendiest light hair highlights to inspire your for your next hair coloring season.light hair highlights 2017Light Pastel Highlights

Special for ladies who are tired of the same traditional hair highlights here is the light pastel game. It’s a cool idea especially for festivals, holidays and special parties. If you avoid permanent hair dyes, you can try pastel chalks. They are everywhere in the fashion world and allow you to enjoy colorful hair just a few days. Once you wash your hair, they are faded away. So, you can try this for your birthday party.

Best Rainbow Hair Color Ideas from Celebs

Rainbow hair is surely the top of creativity that stylists prove they have. This crazy, bright and chic hair coloring idea is no more a news of us but since it’s evolved day by day we have decided to create a cool guide for you to the best rainbow hair colors from celebs. Check out these brave looks and copy the most inspiring one in 2017.   rainbow hair colors celebrities 2017Katy Perry Rainbow Hair Color

Thousands of time Katy Perry has gone for rainbow hair experimenting both with highlights and lowlights as well as with light and dark hues. She has created awesome rainbow hues on her dark mane and has gone for a light pastel rainbow style. She is a real trendsetter and a source of inspiration for many teenagers and stylish ladies. She creates awesome hairstyles on her long and short rainbow-colored hair. Here we see her in a cute wavy bob with pastel rainbow hues.

2017 Latest Red Hair Color Trends

Women with red mane carry a kind of mystery and incredible confidence.  However, this is not the only reason why many pull of red hair lately. Red locks are everywhere these days and they have become so common even among common stylish women. Any shade of red is able to highlight your individual style and keep all eyes on your trendy look. Discover the latest red hair color trends for hair colors 2017Intense Copper Hair Color

We have spoken about the deep and shiny copper hair color many times. This time we offer it as a trendy shade for 2017. The tendency of wearing copper red hair will increase in 2017 and will make this hue one of the most requested hair colors in salons. When it comes to skin tones stylists recommend to match this hair color with pale and light skin tone and reddish undertones.

Best Blonde Hair Colors: Celebrity Looks

Nowadays almost all celebrities experiment with various hair colors. Some even change their natural shade into another posh hair color and get a totally new look. We copy the styles that attract us most of all or grab attention with their fancy effects. Blonde is an inherently common and popular hair color with its many shades. It comes with a variety of tones and offers us the best solutions to match with our skin tones and eye hues. Look at these celebrities in blonde hair colors and find your ultimate inspiration.celebrity blonde hair colors 2017Taylor Swift Platinum Blonde Hair Color

She couldn’t help but give a try to the white blonde hair color. here you see Taylor Swift in a subtle platinum blonde bob hairstyle which frames her dainty face. It’s a cool hair color for her and looks bold with the dark lips and messy hairstyle. Luckily, this hair color works with most skin tones and makes hair very gorgeous. You can easily get it on your light blonde hair. In case you have dark locks you need to go for bleaching before coloring.

Caramel Highlights for Blonde and Brown Hair

While some stylists call caramel a sweet candy shade, others call it toffee or butterscotch or something similar.Caramel hair has the impression of thickness, fullness and richness. This means that women with long yet thin hair can use caramel highlights to enrich their natural hair color be it blonde or brown. It’s a perfect choice for most complexions as the sweet and warm caramel has both light and dark tones.  Create warmth and luxury in your hair with one of these lovely caramel highlights for blonde and brown hair.caramel highlights 2017Caramel Highlights for Blonde Hair

We seldom meet blonde-haired women with caramel highlights. But those who go this style get a unique and contrasting hair color combo which grabs attention. The warmth of caramel mingled with the lightness and coolness of blonde hair creates a mixture of light to warm hues which make any hairstyle fresher and trendier. Those who have blonde hair and look for a hair highlighting idea to match with their complexion as well as to warm up their current hair color may make their choice between the tender tones of caramel.

Shades of Black Hair Color for 2017

Although black is a dark hair color but has many shades which compliment different skin tones and eye hues. Since we have already spoken about black hair colors and matching skin tones today we will represent the best shades of black hair color for 2017. Black is the most sophisticated and elegant hair color for any hair type, length and cut. Black-haired women should always use hair color treatments to keep their mane shiny, strong, powerful and healthy. Fist make sure that your complexion and eye hue go well with black hues and make your choice between these hair colors 2017Natural Black Hair Color

Natural black hair looks very soft and tender. It is possible to get with natural henna dyes in case you don’t have naturally black tresses. It’s completely black and has no additional hues or tints. This shade best suits someone with pale or cool skin tone. It is shine-free and therefore goes well with light green or blue eyes too. Women with warmer or darker skin tones will look dull and old-fashioned in natural black hair colors.

Hottest Ideas for Red Ombre Hair Colors

When you consider trying a new red hair color you seldom think of two-tone shades. Many of us wear monotone red hair colors on our long and short haircuts. However, there are hot red ombre hair colors that look amazing on various hair types, textures and styles. Whatever your reason is of wearing red hair, here are the best examples of red ombre shades to consider in 2017. Try a new vivid, impressive and trendy red hair color and inspire women around ombre hair colors 2017Black to Light Red Ombre Hair Color

When we say red ombre we generally mean the combinations of dark brown or black roost with red tips. In this case we have black hair with light red ends. As a result, the stylist has achieved a fancy hair color on the layered lob haircut making it vibrant and more eye-catching. If you are tired of your monotone lob hairstyle then use this trick to update it.  You will like the reflection of the light red shade on your tips and will get an illusion of a longer looking hairstyle.

Blonde Hair Colors with Dark Roots

Dark roots with blonde hair are a special style. They stand out from the rest of blonde shades and look very eye-catching. If you are playing with the idea of a two-tone hair color and can’t make the right choice for your blonde tresses, start with dark roots. We call this a mini-ombre style, which tends to become a big trend for 2017. It is perfect both for long and short haircuts and many sue it as a cool trick for their pixie haircuts too. Have a look at these posh examples of blonde hair colors with dark roots and choose your ultimate hair color update.blonde hair with dark roots 2017Golden Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

Here is Kylie Jenner with her next surprising hair color idea. This time we see her in golden mane and dark roots. Since she has medium to tanned skin tone the chosen combination looks well balanced with her complexion and eye hue. She has created a contrasting effect for her golden blonde hair color with the help of dark brown roots. However, both shades are warm in their tones and therefore look harmonious. You can use the same trick if you are not of with purely golden blonde mane.