2017 Jewel-Toned Hair Color Trend

What do they mean by the trend jewel-toned hair color for 2017? Is this the ultimate rainbow shade? If you are still under the influence of the pastel and bubblegum hair color ideas, we are here to offer you something more interesting and inspiring. It’s ok that people continue to dye their locks in pastel and other rainbow hair colors as they are trendy too, but some cool enthusiasts soon get tired of the same popular looks and seek for more creative ideas.2017 Jewel-Toned Hair Color TrendWhat is Jewel-Toned Hair Color?

First, you need to recognize jewel-toned hair colors in order to make the right choice for your hair. So, remember your childhood when you used to play with your mom’s jewelry. How many hues, shiny tints and effects did it have? All the cute hues of those gemstones are now used as hair color ideas.

Deep Grey Hair Colors

When you notice your first gray strands you start thinking of a dark hair color that can cover all your grays and keep you look youthful. However, grey is a trendy hair color with all its light and dark tones. Special for those who like to cover up whitish grey strands there is the deep and dark gray hair color that looks quite fresh and beautiful. It’s a dainty silver tone that compliments dark hair colors and tends to hide any flaws on light locks. If you ever decide to go for a dark grey hair color make your choice between these cool shades. You can even create stunning ombre looks by light and dark gray shades.dark grey hair colors 2017Deep Grey Hair Color and Dark Skin Tones

It’s quite obvious that dark hair colors look better and natural with dark skin tones. If you have such then try a new shade of grey to enhance your beautiful dark skin as well as to change your current brunette hair color, because many woken with dark skin tones also have dark hair colors. Dark skinned celebrities such as Rihanna, Jourdan Dunn, Ciara and Dascha Polanco have already experimented with this fresh hair color. Start 2017 with dark grey hair.

Lovely Pastel Hair Highlights

We use different shades of blonde, brunette and red as hair highlights for our base hair colors. Few of us go bolder or choose unusual hues that grab attention. However there is a trendy style that appeals to most women who want to experiment with an innovative hair highlighting idea. Thus, if you are tired of the traditional hair colors and highlights, it’s the high time for you to discover the beauty of pastel highlights on different hairstyles.pastel highlights for 2017Pastel Blue Hair Highlights

The peaceful pastel blue highlights is the shade you need for your light ash brown or blonde hair color. It looks perfect on the tips and face framing strands. Women with blue eyes look incredible with pastel blue highlights. This hue allows them to create a well-balanced and more charming style. Ask you stylist for dip dyed tips or just pastel blue highlights at the ends on the hair and refresh it every two or three weeks.

2017 Fancy Balayage Hair Colors

Sweep or paint technique used in hair coloring world is known with the name balayage. It is a timeless hair coloring idea with endless styles and combinations. This is the case when you can easily find your style and get a gorgeous result. Your favorite stars have already experimented with this style, what about you? Try out one of these balayage hair colors in 2017 and achieve a trendier look.balayage hair colors 2017 - CopyChrissy Teigen Balayage Hair Color

The playfully messy ombre balayage hair color worn on a wavy bob haircut suits Chrissy Teigen so much that it seems as if she’ll wear this hair color for a long time. This posh female has experimented with many styles but the somber and balayage are her latest favorite hair coloring techniques. She is in love with the dark brown to light brown and blondish effects of her hair.

Bold and Flashy Burgundy Red Hair Colors

Deep and rich hair colors usually look bold and flashy. One of them is the fantastic burgundy red hair color with its dramatic hues and dark tones. When everything already looks common and dull for you, you do your best to bring something interesting in your style. Many women start with their hair color. They wear the bold burgundy red hair colors inspired by the wine-y hue. Change up your style with an edgy shade of red.burgundy red hair colors 2017Burgundy Red Side Swept Curls

Retro curly hairstyles look better with side parting and in monotone hair colors. Among stylish shades for retro curls you can find platinum blonde, dark brown and finally deep red. So, if you choose a deep red shade for your luxurious vintage hairstyle, you’d better opt for a burgundy red hair color like Ariana Grande. This shade adds shine and a deeper impression to big curls and tends to make your hairdo more fashionable.

Modern Ronze Hair Colors

Hair color ideas for blondes are much more than for brunettes, but this doesn’t mean that there not golden mines for both. Stylists have created such a hot hair color mixture which goes well with brunette, blonde and red hair colors equally. Now, we have something to share without any comparisons or contrasts. Here is the ronze hair color special for ginger hair color fans, but it’s waiting for blonde and brunettes too. So, be ready for a new and radical transformation.ronze hair color ideas 2017What is Ronze Hair Color?

Let’s first of all realize what the bright ronze hair color is. We have done a thorough research in order to find out the secret to the perfect ronze shades. Thus according to a professional celebrity hairstylist and colorist George Papanikolas ronze is a blend of bronze brown and warm copper. It is deep and rich in its hues and looks very beautiful under the rays of the sun. It seems to be the new bronde only for redheads, but we meet brown and blonde-haired celebrities pulling it off like real redheads. Ronze hair colors perfectly brighten up complexions and make base hair colors shinier, warmer and fresher. If you have decided to wear a lovely shade or ronze this year you can consider our advice as well as consult with your colorist.

New Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2017

Each year we are provided with new hair color trends and the ones celebrities and models choose become the trendiest. Last year’s hair color trends were all about bold shades and vibrant hues. This time we will focus on the new hair color ideas for 2017. Some of the represented shades are absolutely new for many of you and will surely inspire for the coming year.hair colors for 2017Cinnamon Swirl Hair Color

Lately many designers and stylists offer hair color inspirations just from cookies and candy hues. Cinnamon swirl is one of the latest hair color ideas. It has the charming cinnamon hues and the delightful design of its swirls. You get a totally new hair color closer to balayage, somber or light blonde to brown combinations which look amazing on hair.

Lightest Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Whatever you may choose for your hair blonde remains the most feminine shade. It is considered as the loveliest hair color idea when someone want to pull off a seductive and angelic look. Actually, the lighter your hair color the tenderer you’ll look but the question in this case is whether you have the matching skin tone or not. Let’s discuss some of the trendiest light blonde hair colors and make our ultimate choice.light blonde hair colors 2017Light Wheat Blonde Hair Color

Wheat blonde is a sun-kissed hair color for you to match with your base blonde hair color. You can use it to lighten it up and create a more balanced effect. Wheat blonde has the shiny touch of the wheat, that’s why it goes well with light eye hues and rosy undertones.

Dark Brown Hair Colors

The beauty of brown hair is sometimes hidden behind its darkness. The darker your hair color the deeper it looks. That’s why many women with thin tresses dye their locks in dark brown hair colors to create an impression of a thicker-looking hairstyle. Besides, dark brown shades add extra-shine and beauty. Have you ever though why dark-haired celebrities keep up with their natural shade and never ever change it into another hue? The reason is that brunette hair is the most seductive of all. Kit captures many male hearts and brings out your skin tone.dark brown hair colors 2017Dark Caramel Brown Hair Color

Warm and dark hair colors like caramel is a hot choice for brunettes who love rich and shiny hair colors in deep tints. Dark caramel brown will easily turn your hair into a thicker and more voluminous hairstyle thanks to the depth of the multi-toned brown shades. If you feel as if this is your ultimate hair color trend then take your long or medium hairstyle to the next level.

2017 Neon Hair Color Trends

All brave women are welcome to read this article and all stylish ladies who want to go for radical changes can take examples from these posh girls. Today’s article is devoted to the marvelous neon hair colors for 2017. If you are fond of vibrant and colorful shades for hair then have a look at the best neon hues. While you can easily dye your hair in a brown, blonde and red shade you may consider many factors when it comes to neon colors. In many cases our hair color tells a lot about our personality, individual style and unique approach towards many important things in life.neon hair color ideas 2017Now it’s the high time to discover the real charm of neon hair colors. We are sure that neon hair colors will give you a new inspiration for 2017. Don’t mess up everything and choose only the bets trends. So, there are neon pink, green, blue and orange hair colors about which we will speak separately.