Lightest Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Whatever you may choose for your hair blonde remains the most feminine shade. It is considered as the loveliest hair color idea when someone want to pull off a seductive and angelic look. Actually, the lighter your hair color the tenderer you’ll look but the question in this case is whether you have the matching skin tone or not. Let’s discuss some of the trendiest light blonde hair colors and make our ultimate choice.light blonde hair colors 2017Light Wheat Blonde Hair Color

Wheat blonde is a sun-kissed hair color for you to match with your base blonde hair color. You can use it to lighten it up and create a more balanced effect. Wheat blonde has the shiny touch of the wheat, that’s why it goes well with light eye hues and rosy undertones.

Dark Brown Hair Colors

The beauty of brown hair is sometimes hidden behind its darkness. The darker your hair color the deeper it looks. That’s why many women with thin tresses dye their locks in dark brown hair colors to create an impression of a thicker-looking hairstyle. Besides, dark brown shades add extra-shine and beauty. Have you ever though why dark-haired celebrities keep up with their natural shade and never ever change it into another hue? The reason is that brunette hair is the most seductive of all. Kit captures many male hearts and brings out your skin tone.dark brown hair colors 2017Dark Caramel Brown Hair Color

Warm and dark hair colors like caramel is a hot choice for brunettes who love rich and shiny hair colors in deep tints. Dark caramel brown will easily turn your hair into a thicker and more voluminous hairstyle thanks to the depth of the multi-toned brown shades. If you feel as if this is your ultimate hair color trend then take your long or medium hairstyle to the next level.

2017 Neon Hair Color Trends

All brave women are welcome to read this article and all stylish ladies who want to go for radical changes can take examples from these posh girls. Today’s article is devoted to the marvelous neon hair colors for 2017. If you are fond of vibrant and colorful shades for hair then have a look at the best neon hues. While you can easily dye your hair in a brown, blonde and red shade you may consider many factors when it comes to neon colors. In many cases our hair color tells a lot about our personality, individual style and unique approach towards many important things in life.neon hair color ideas 2017Now it’s the high time to discover the real charm of neon hair colors. We are sure that neon hair colors will give you a new inspiration for 2017. Don’t mess up everything and choose only the bets trends. So, there are neon pink, green, blue and orange hair colors about which we will speak separately.

Warm Orange Hair Colors

Choosing the right dramatic hair color for your complexion is not an easy task. There are thousands of tones of the same hair color which give us the opportunity to rock the desired shade. But this doesn’t mean that you can pull off any hair color you like. Sometimes there are exceptions and some limits to consider. Here collected warm orange hair colors will give you stunning ideas on how to pull off your brand new dramatic look. Her you will learn things on how to match orange hues with your hair color ideas 2017Orange Hair Color for Dark Skin Tones

Women with dark skin tones usually prefer such vibrant hair colors that make their skin even warmer and more vibrant. So, dark and deep orange hair colors are lovely solutions for warm and olive skin tones. The sun-kissed and fiery mixture of orange tints provide with a reddish effect which ideally goes with dark skin tones. Those with black mane or brunette locks may prepare their hair beforehand to get the shiny orange tint. Of course things are easier for light-haired girls. You can achieve a monotone or a multi-tone shade of orange depending on your hair texture, length and of course interests. Some also choose orange highlights for their locks.

Subtle Rose Gold Hair Colors

What do you know about the versatility of hair colors? Classic blonde, brunette red or even ombre shades are not enough to tell that you are familiar with the trendy hues. Today there are so many hues and tones of the same hair color that you even get confused in the huge variety of options. Things are much more complicated when it comes to hair color mixtures and combinations like the rose gold hair color. Let’s discover this new and subtle shade for 2017.rose gold hair color ideas 2017What is Rose Gold Hair Color?

It’s better to realize what the rose gold hair color is first and then go ahead with its possible tones and hues. So, rose gold is the pink-y metallic shade of rose that has golden tints and shine. It is the favorite hue of many celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Elle Fanning. Today many wear the light metallic rose hair color and highlight it with sun-kissed golden shades. Without being too pink and vibrant rose gold provides you with a tender hair color and keeps all eyes on your super feminine look.

Foilyage Hair Color Trend for 2017

Since balayage is not supposed to leave the fashion world so soon stylists create new ideas based on the big trend. The hair coloring technique in which colorist apply the bleach just by handpainting several sections of hair in order to brighten them up provide with chunky and beautiful highlights called balayage. However today we have Foilyage hair color trend for 2017. It’s the dreamt hair highlighting idea for blondes, medium brunettes and redheads who seek for natural-looking lightening solutions.Foilyage hair colors 2017What is Foilyage Hair Color?

Foilyage is the latest hair coloring technique added to the same balayage where the stylist usually works with hair using his/her had painting skills. During painting each painted section is wrapped in foils which provides with another delightful effect. New York City and San Diego hair salons already create this cool style for famous women and stylish girls.

Amazing Hair Highlights for Black Hair

Here represented hair highlights for black hair are going to become your favorite styles for the nearest future. All women with dark locks should consider these highlighting ideas, as they are the best and most flattering tints that make black hair richer and more interesting. Highlights in black tresses help to soften any harshness. Thus, if you have black hair then get ready for a bit of change.highlights for black hair 2017Caramel Highlights for Black Hair

Light brown to caramel highlights are the classiest options for black hair. They go well with most skin tones and look natural with brown eyes. Try to achieve such caramel highlights that would be closest to how the sun naturally lightens your hair. This hue is for women who love their natural black shade but seek for a little transformation too.

Bold Hair Color Ideas from Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of those brave celebrities who are not afraid of huge experiments and radical makeovers. They are always ready to amuse us with their bold hair color ideas and edgy haircuts. Luckily Katy Perry has such skin tone and eye hue that she can easily pull off any hair color she likes. Below we have collected the best bold moments of Katy Perry to inspire you with new dramatic shades. Check them out and change up your look with one of these trendy hues.Katy Perry  hair colors 2017Katy Perry Pink Hair Color

While many go for the popular pastel pink shade Katy chooses vibrant and cotton candy hue of pink. This hair color makes her look like an elegant doll who has just worn the princess look. Her jeweled and colorful hair accessory worn on the French twist updo hairstyle makes the look unique and more attractive. She has paired it with bold makeup and posh dress.

Colombré Hair Color Trend for 2017

Welcome the new ombre hair color with a touch of rainbow. Here is the Colombré hair color trend for 2017 for women who are tired of the same ombre, sombre and balayage looks. We know how to amuse you with innovative hair color ideas. Colombré-the latest shade in the fashion industry is a combination of the creative rainbow sand art hair color and the popular ombre. It is ready to add a superb interest to your locks and make it flashier.Colombré hair colors 2017 Not being too dramatic colombré hair colors produce a prismatic effect. Whnether you like the crazy mixture of rainbow shades or just go for a monotone dramatic hair color this new trend is surely a wiser choice for you. Plus, it’s an ideal updating option if you already have ombre hair.

5 Best Sandy-Smokey Ash Hair Colors

Many hair colors can have their ash-y, sandy or smokey version. Compared with hot and shiny hair colors they look faded and very natural. today the luxurious world of fashion is flooded by smokey and ash-y makeup tips, outfits and accessories which give hair colorists new ideas on how to get matching shades of hair.  Among latest hair color trends, we often meet sandy-smokey ash hair colors, which make females so subtle and sophisticated. Below you can find the best smokey black, sandy ash blonde, ash brown, sandy pastel and smokey gray hair colors and make the right choice for you in 2017.ash hair colors 2017Sandy Ash Blonde Hair Color

Blonde has millions of hues but it’s only the sandy ash blonde that looks so rich and delightful in its hair color combination. Many Hollywood actresses pull off the ash blonde hair color to look like real blondes. It’s a mixture of light and matte milky hues and shiny platinum and silver hair colors, which steal attention due to their tenderness. For those who want to go for a subtle ash blonde hair color, you need to bleach your hair out first. It’s necessary to bring hair to a possible lightness in order to get the ash-y tone.