Modern Eggplnat Hair Color Ideas

The common hair color palette is enriched with new and new hair colors every day. Professional and creative hair colorists like to amuse us with modern hair coloring solutions and ideas, which are generally mixtures of various trendy shades. One of the latest ideas is the eggplant hair color for 2017. It has been worn by many stunning fashionistas who appreciate the amazing art of hair coloring.Eggplant Hair Colors 2017What is Eggplant Hair Color?

Actually, eggplant is a rich hair color mixture of deep purple and burgundy, which resemble an eggplant. This hair color trend is not only fun but also very attractive. Here you can find the most inspiring eggplant hair colors to try for 2017. It is for women who look for bold yet classic hair colors to highlight their prettiness and femininity. This is not the ultimate rainbow nor the pastel shade, but a monotone yet very sophisticated hair color.

Sweetest Pink Hair Colors for 2017

Based on the tendency of wearing rose-hued hair we are here to inspire you with the sweetest pink hair colors for 2017. From Julianne Hough’s soft gun pink hair to Cara Delevingne’s dirty pink shade there are awesome pinkish hues for you to pick in 2017. Pink is the most feminine hue that makes you very girlish and capturing. So, say goodbye to your blonde, brown or red mane and welcome the subtle hair colors 2017Natasha Bedingfield Pastel Pink Hair Color

Bedingfield is considered as one of the most inspiring ladies with a straight bob hairstyle. She has matched it with a pale pastel pink hair color, which looks very beautiful with bright and shiny cherry red lips and peach inspired eye makeup. She is gorgeous in her short and cute pink bob hairstyle. The shade goes well with her complexion and makes her eyes pop out. The lovely combination of pale and a bit vibrant pink hair colors are harmoniously mixed in this hairstyle.

Gorgeous Gold Hair Color Ideas

Do you like sparkling g and glossy hairstyles? The secret is hidden behind the chosen hair color. The fresher your golden hair color the shinier your hairstyles will look. There are a few golden hues that make the hair color palette sparkle so beautifully. Let’s be admired by the most attractive gold shades together tight here and right hair colors 2017Golden Blonde Hair Color

The glossiest of all hair colors is the golden blonde shade. It is a warm sun-kissed hair color special for those who want to warm up their current hue and get a sunny touch for their entire look. Golden blonde hair colors are very shiny and they require special care by the means of regular touch ups. So, keep your golden blonde shade as shiny as possible using a color protective shampoo and conditioner.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

While it’s not so easy to get platinum blonde hair color on hair many celebrities and stylish women pull off it by all means. This glamorous white blonde hair color captures not only natural blondes, but also dark-haired women. Even if it requires deep bleaching we meet dark-haired Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora rocking platinum blonde hair. It’s really a fresh and posh hair color fro 2017. So, if you look for another light blonde hair color then pick a nice shade of platinum blonde.platinum blonde hair colors 2017Many want to get the Monroe hair and it’s possible with the help of platinum blonde shade. Then the hairstyle is easier to get. Those who have ever gone for platinum blonde claim that they miss their white blonde mane every single day. There is a sophisticated touch in platinum blonde shade, which can’t be compared with any other light hair color. People remember this hair color as it’s impressive and eye-catching. It makes you feel all the attention in your surround and become happier.

Tie Dye Hair Color Inspiration for 2017

Even if you avoid rainbow hair colors and don’t like that much brightness on your hair you will like the new tie dye hair color in 2017. This hair color idea has plenty of cool-girl appeal and grabs attention not only because it has bright tones but also it looks interesting in its highlighting effect. According to professional colorist Rickey Zito the classic rainbow hair color is now beautified with more delightful styles and creative effects. It has cool hair color method which interests many stylists.tie dye hair colors 2017How to Get Tie Dye Hair Color?

Offered by Hollywood-based hair colorist Tanya Ramirez, tie dye hair coloring style incorporates several shades of blue, turquoise, and pastel aqua, with a modern twist. First start with bleaching hair into a light blonde shade. This is not a simple hair highlighting technique, so be patient and careful. After bleaching, you can separate hair into 2-4 inch sections securing them at the base.

Gorgeous Red Hair Colors from Celebrities

Hair color changes can be super easy if you find the right hue for you. when it comes to red hair colors you should make sure it suits you. That’s why we have collected examples from redhead celebrities to inspire you for 2017. We want you to have a look at the latest trendy red shades in order to go for the best solution and idea. Perhaps the most eye-catching transformation that you can opt for is going for red hair. So, start the year with a new hair color.celebrity red hair colors 2017Sophie Turner Red Hair Color

Red hair is style stamen for Sophie Turner. She updates it and keeps her hair long in order to grab much attention. This fiery hue fantastically compliments her light skin tone and light eyes. It makes her very girlish and delightful. The combined wavy hairstyle is the right choice for this hair color as it keeps it bright yet dainty. If you have such complexion and seek for a bright hair color you may consider Sophie Turner’s red shade.

5 Best Hair Colors for Fall

Every season requests its shades and colors. It refers to not only outfits and accessories but also hair colors. So, you should think of a new hair color idea for fall as it’s already here. So, be inspired by the trendy hair colors for fall and spice up your gorgeous look with a prettier touch. Before you make your appointment with your hairstylist, make sure you have checked out these hair colors for fall 2016 2017Bronde Hair Color

A mixture of blonde and brown hair colors not always provides with caramel shades. You can choose tones, which create a hair color between blonde and brown called bronde. This shade can be either deep or light. It will warm up your look and will bring dimension and life to your hair allowing to enjoy the autumn sunny touch. In order to get this hair color right stylists recommend to opt for a chunky highlighting technique both for brunette and blonde hair.

2017 Amazing Two-Tone Hair Colors

A trendy two-tone hair color can become a style stamen for many women. Nowadays we see more creative and bold options of two-tone hair colors for 2017. There are several ways to make a two-tone hair color work for you. You can experiment with the most flattering and extravagant combination of shades according to your current hair color, haircut and complexion. Two-tone hair colors can be great for several reasons.two-tone hair colors 2017 First, adds depth to a hair style, then it brings out the structure of the haircut and finally it looks unique and stylish. Dual hair color is more eye-catching, dramatic and interesting. It is also is also a cool solution for thinning hair because it can make the hair look visually thicker.

Sweet Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown hair color is the richest of all brown shades. It is as sweet as its name and is as soft as its shiny tones. However, it’s not that easy to get the right shade of chocolate brown hair color as many brown hues look like each other. Just as there are millions of brown hues, we will define the main types of chocolate brown. Generally chocolate brown hair color is considered as a deep, dark yet warm hue with red or gold undertones, which shine daintily under the bright rays of the sun.chocolate brown hair colors 2017 Since chocolate brown has silky sheen, it looks very glossy and attractive. Wearing chocolate brown on your dark hair, you can achieve a stronger and glossier tone. So, the main tones of chocolate brown are: rich chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate velvet, mocha, mink and walnut. Each chooses the shade that goes well with her complexion.

Hottest Black Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Black hair is striking and classy in its monotone shade but when you are tired of the same hair color you need a bit of change with the help of new hair highlights. Ombre is the latest trendy hair highlighting tenacious widely used in the fashion world. instead of changing your hair color into an entirely new shade you can just highlight it with the cool ombre method. Let me intrude the hottest black ombre hair color ideas for you to try this ombre hair colors 2017Contrasting Black To Blonde Ombre Hair Color

Being a contrasting combination of dark and light shades black to blonde ombre is a trendy hair color for 2017. This version of ombre hair color is usually worn by black women who prefer to bleach only the ends or the middle parts of their locks. Bleaching the roots is quite risky and damageable. So, avoid light ombre styles if you have naturally black hair. Just lighten up the tips with a flattering blonde hair color. The result is very eye-catching.