Bold and Flashy Burgundy Red Hair Colors

Deep and rich hair colors usually look bold and flashy. One of them is the fantastic burgundy red hair color with its dramatic hues and dark tones. When everything already looks common and dull for you, you do your best to bring something interesting in your style. Many women start with their hair color. They wear the bold burgundy red hair colors inspired by the wine-y hue. Change up your style with an edgy shade of red.burgundy red hair colors 2017Burgundy Red Side Swept Curls

Retro curly hairstyles look better with side parting and in monotone hair colors. Among stylish shades for retro curls you can find platinum blonde, dark brown and finally deep red. So, if you choose a deep red shade for your luxurious vintage hairstyle, you’d better opt for a burgundy red hair color like Ariana Grande. This shade adds shine and a deeper impression to big curls and tends to make your hairdo more fashionable.ariana grande long burgundy hair color 2017Burgundy Red Short Haircut

Short haircuts are bold in their styles and they become even edgier with the help of flashy hair colors. In case you have just gone for a short bob or pixie haircut and like to style it into straight and elegant hairstyles I recommend you to try a burgundy red hair color as a matching shade for it. Burgundy red look luminous and soft on short haircuts. Luckily it goes well with most complexions and is always there for you whenever you need to update your hair color. If you have bangs and light eye hues then you are going to become very eye-catching in wine-y colored hair.burgundy red short hair 2017Burgundy Red Ombre Hair Color

Today we see ombre hair colors in original combinations. Perhaps you often meet blonde and brown or caramel and dark brown hair color mixtures which look so fresh. Believe in me burgundy red with dark brown tips or dark brown roots with burgundy tips is a prettier and more original ombre hair color idea to try in 2017. The result grabs attention and speaks about your luminous and healthy hair. It screams attention and keeps all eyes on your posh appearance.burgundy red ombre hair color 2017Burgundy Red and Black Hair Color

A two-tone hair color with burgundy red hints and black highlights cane create a gorgeous hair color for your layered haircut. Actually layers give us the chance to rock highlighted hairstyles in a kind of mixed style. Some like to keep one part of hair in one shade and the other part in another hair color, and some just mingle them into one another. Have a look at this example once more and you’ll realize what’s trendy these days for black and burgundy hair color combos.burgundy red hair color with black 2017