Seducing Red Hair Color Inspiration

Red, of all hair colors in the fashion world is the most impressive and eye-catching one. Thanks to the rich hair color palette, we are able to get both natural and dramatic red hair colors on our locks. Recently many more stylish stars pull off red hair to look like real redheads. Of course, some fail and some succeed because red is not a common blonde or brown hair color to play with. It requires special attention and carefulness. Below you are going to see the latest red hair color trends which seek to inspire you with their posh touch and modern looks. So, be ready for a cool hair colors 2017Burgundy Red Hair Color

Starting from the darkest red hair color, I would like to represent the rich burgundy shade, which has the wine-y effect in it. Although it is far from looking natural but its delightful mystery captures many hearts. The best thing about burgundy red hair color is that it compliments most skin tones and eye hues. There is something really appealing in burgundy red hair be it short or long. We love its reflection on dark hair and the huge transformation that it does with light complexions.burgundy red hair color 2017Mahogany Red Hair Color

Another dark red hair color is the mahogany red. There is also the popular mahogany brown. Both shades are inspired by the reddish brown type of wood. This hair color goes well with medium skin tones, green and brown eyes. it’s closer to natural red shades and the only difference is its darkness in the tones. Mahogany red has a slight shine in it, which keeps hair well-balanced in reddish hues.  Many can touch up their brown tresses with mahogany red hue.mahogany red hair color 2017Auburn Hair Color

What else can be so soft and attractive if not auburn hair color especially worn by Emma Stone. She has discovered the secret f trendy red hair colors and wears different tones on her medium and short haircuts. Auburn is another reddish brown hair color but it has more reddish undertones than the mahogany shade. Auburn mane looks pretty with medium skin tones and warm undertones and compliments light eyes.auburn hair color 2017Copper Red Hair Color

Among all the reddish hues copper is the brightest. I love how it makes hair sparkling, sun-kissed and fiery. This glossy and metallic hair color can be considered as the trendiest red shade for 2017. If ever you decide to embrace your hair with a red hair color, I recommend going for the copper red. You will surely enjoy its elegance. Different light and dark tons of copper compliment different skin tones and eye hues. So, find yours. copper hair color 2017Ginger Red Hair Color

And the natural red hair color is the popular ginger inspired by the posh Scandinavian girls who have pale skin, light eye and this lovely hair color. today it’s possible to achieve natural ginger hair colors on blonde hair. One of my blonde friends have gone for this hair color and never even thinks of going back for her blonde hue. It suits her so much, that she looks like a real redhead.ginger hair color 2017