Multi Tone Hair Colors

When it comes to multi-tonal hair color ideas 2017 we see a cool festival of edgy shades. Among them we meet amazing neon, rainbow, pastel and other multi-tone hair colors. Find out your next appealing hair color and switch up your style with a new style. Say goodbye to the traditional hair color ideas and welcome the most eye-catching multi-tone hues.

Two-Tone Hair Colors: Brown and Blonde

Two-tone blonde and brown hair colors are not just fancy hair coloring ideas. They are super attractive and flattering shades for many skin tones. They tend to add a fabulous dimension to your hair and look better on asymmetrical, wavy, curly and shaggy hairstyles. Blonde and brown hair color mixtures are quite popular among celebs some of which are represented below.blonde-brown-hair-colors-2017Jessica Simpson Two-Tone Hair Color

What do you think, why Jessica Simpson likes two-tone hair colors so much? Perhaps it’s just trendy and goes well with her complexion? Not at all. The thing is that she find the best way of grabbing attention with this blonde brown hair color mixture, and she is not the only celebrity who uses this trick. It softens her hairstyles and adds warmth all around her face.

Creative Green-Blue Hair Colors

Whether it’s a turquoise, teal, marine or opal hair color we love everything about the creative green-blue hair colors, highlights, melting ombre and balayage styles. Today it has become so easy to switch up your hair color with a crazy and strange shade. since none is afraid of radical changes, you can try of these stunning green-blue hair color combination for your short, mid-length or long hair. Green and blue mixed together create much more ravishing, sophisticated and harmonious Half-Blue Hair Color

When someone wants to bring back old but gold trends, he/she opts for modern experiments. In this case, instead of the traditional two-tone blonde and black or blonde and brown hair colors we have half-green and half-blue hair color ideas special for adventurous ladies with long hair. These hair colors are not only creative buy they also grab attention. In order to bring out the equal separation of hues you can go for blunt bangs.

Macaron Hair Color Trend 2017

It seems as if anything associated with rainbow hair colors is trendy by all means. Well, some are trendy and some have already done their job in the fashion industry. Today’s favorite rainbow style is the macaron hair color trend for 2017. If you like pastel rainbow hair colors and want to try a new more creative style then discover the macaron hair color trend.macaron-hair-colors-2017What is Macaron Hair Color?

So, macaron hair colors are well balanced blends of pastel shades which showcase their beauty on braided and wavy hairstyles. It’s a soft multidimensional hair color that can easily be worn on blonde hair. For a muted and mesmerizing look you can mix the aforementioned tints with baby blue and silver tones. Some like to combine this hair color with double buns and glitter roots for special parties and festive occasions.

5 Celebrity Crazy Hair Color Ideas

Anyone with cool creativity and interest towards unique stylish looks appreciates the art of crazy hair colors when everything is done harmoniously and daintily. In spite of the fact that the majority of celebrities tend to grab attention thanks to their dramatic hair color experiments, many just fail. However, there are some who create inspiring styles, which soon become trends. Here re 5 celebrity crazy hair color ideas.celebrity-hair-colors-2017Nicole Richie’s Lavender Hair Color

Having dark skin tone she still knows how to pull off light and even pastel hair colors. Nicole Richie is a big fan of multi-tone and unusual hair colors and we often see her in different vibrant hues from light silver to sparkling pink. One of her best hair color ideas, however, is the ravishing lavender worn on short bob haircut. It is kept dark at the roots for the best balance and is styled into a wavy style as a girlish touch.

2017 Multi-Tone Prismetallic Hair Colors

The little space between rainbow and oil slick hair colors belongs to the newest multi-tone prismetallic hair color trend for 2017. All the Pinterest and Instagram hair trends are inspired by this creative hair color idea which allows us to play with various multi-tone shades and hues. These are the mixtures of icy-toned pastel hair colors that create a unicorn and multidimensional effect on short, mid-length and long haircuts. Whether you have golden, flaxen or platinum blonde hair, the stunning prismetallic hair colors are waiting for you in 2017. Let’s discover it together.2017-multi-tone-prismetallic-hair-colorsRainbow Prismetallic Hair Color

The first idea of prismetallic hair color is the rainbow beauty on our list. It’s a sweet and subtle blend of shades gradually changing their tones from the top to the tips. These are faded and paler rainbow hair colors that look awesome on blonde hair. It provides hair with extra-shine and the desired live movement. You can style your hair in straight, wavy and loose curly hairstyles to bring out the transition of hues.

2017 Multi-Colored Hair Trends

Multi-colored hair trends for 2017 are created not only for teenagers who are interested in bright and eye-catching shades, but also for anyone who is tired of her dull hairstyle and wants to brighten it up with a creative solution. Whether you are a big fan of rainbow, pastel and many multi-tone hair colors, or have just thought that you want to try something like that, here are the most recent examples for you to try whenever you want to.multi-colored-hair-trends-2017Dip Dyed Hair Ends

Many celebrities like Busy Phillips, Miranda Lambert, Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani have already had fun with dip dye hair colors. What about you? luckily today we have much more fascinating ideas of dip dyed ends which allow us to bring an interesting breathe for our hair. This style is gorgeous for medium to long hair. Applying a bright color to the tips of your locks have become quite common and popular. You can use hair chalks to get this result or clip-in extensions.

Split Hair Color Ideas

Is split your next hair color idea? Don’t know what it is? Let’s discover the best split hair color ideas special for you to know whether you want to give it a try or not. First, I would like to mention that this is not a common hair color for anyone. It’s a half-and-half hair coloring idea that provides you with a unique look. If you are ready for a huge transformation then unlock the secret to trendy split hair colors. Many ladies already prefer to pull of two subtle shades on their hair instead of one.split-hair-color-ideas-2017What is Split Hair Color?

As the name suggests split hair color involves dying hair on one side in one and the other side in another hair color. However, we are speaking about matching shades and not harsh and failed experiments that lead to ridiculous looks. In order to create the desired split hair color you should consult with a stylist. It requires special consideration when it comes to color choices. For example, when you want to dye your dark hair in a light shade you should first bleach it.

2017 Hidden Rainbow Hair Colors

What is it like to have a monotone and multi-tone hair color at the same time? The answer is clear for those who rock hidden rainbow hair colors for 2017. It’s like you have dyed your hair in rainbow shades but nothing is noticeable until you show it off. The secret is that hidden rainbow hair colors cover only the underneath your top layer of tresses, which means that the hair on the surface is in a monotone shade. This hair color technique is blowing our minds with its creativity and cleverness. Would you like to try it in 2017? Get your inspiration! It’s special for women who have special dress codes, hair styling limitations at the office or in their relationships but still want to experiment with crazy rainbow shades.hidden-rainbow-hair-colors-2017How to Get:

Here is the guide to the hidden rainbow hair colors that will help you to understand how it all begins. The process of coloring is very fascinating itself, therefore the result is more than interesting.  Whether you have brown or blonde hair you can achieve underneath rainbow shades on your locks.

New Hair Dyeing Technique: Color-Melting Shades

Gone are the days for common and simple rainbow, ombre and balayage hair colors. Nowadays we are inspired by the new hair color technique called color-melting. This is the next creative hair coloring technique that can take your hairstyles to the next level. There is a multidimensional touch in color melting shades that grab attention. If you want to unlock another fascinating room in the fancy hair coloring world then here is the color melting hair colors for you.color-melting-hair-colors-2017How to Get:

Actually color-melting is a branch of the ombre style. It includes the same technique of dark roots with lighter tips but here we have cooler hair color mixtures and combinations. It is the process of applying a minimum of three hues gradually melting them together which creates a tender transition line. This is another fun option when you want dimension for your hair.

Best Rainbow Hair Color Ideas from Celebs

Rainbow hair is surely the top of creativity that stylists prove they have. This crazy, bright and chic hair coloring idea is no more a news of us but since it’s evolved day by day we have decided to create a cool guide for you to the best rainbow hair colors from celebs. Check out these brave looks and copy the most inspiring one in 2017.   rainbow hair colors celebrities 2017Katy Perry Rainbow Hair Color

Thousands of time Katy Perry has gone for rainbow hair experimenting both with highlights and lowlights as well as with light and dark hues. She has created awesome rainbow hues on her dark mane and has gone for a light pastel rainbow style. She is a real trendsetter and a source of inspiration for many teenagers and stylish ladies. She creates awesome hairstyles on her long and short rainbow-colored hair. Here we see her in a cute wavy bob with pastel rainbow hues.